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Bio: Our History
A.M Food Chemical Co., Limited is attached to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group, [Stock Code]: 831569, which is the first agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise listed on the New OTC(Over the Counter) Market in Shandong Province. The Group has eight subsidiaries, including four wholly-owned subsidiaries, four holding subsidiaries
Our Factory
We are ecological food and feed additives company integrating R & D, production, promotion and application.
Our Product
Sweeteners, vitamins,preservatives ,acidity regulators,organic food ,flavours,veterinary API,feed additive etc.
Product Application
In order to promote the safety of food hygiene effectively and ensure food quality and stability, our solutions have targeted solved short storage time and mildew easily of processed food, such as bread, meat, beverages, dairy products and other goods.
In feed field, our solutions can improve the animal intestinal micro ecological balance, recombine acidification, attract feeding, promote growth, etc.
Production Market
At present, we have cooperated with more than 30 powerful technical knowledge departments and professional R & D institutions. And we can modify different products according to customers’ requirements. In order to achieve better application effect, we can also provide excellent formulations
Our service
Our products have been safely sold to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.And we sincerely invite your support and cooperation to promote Chinese food and feed additives industry developing towards organic, green, healthy, safe and sustainable direction.Potassium Sorbate manufacturers
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